Nail Head Gone User Reviews

Ron Garlie, Puhi Paint

“We sell the nail head removal tool from Nail Head Gone here at Puhi Paint. All our customers that have used this tool recommend it for a clean cut, cost-effective way to eliminate rusted nails.”

Ron Garlie, Owner of Puhi Paint

Chris White

“Nail Head Gone is an innovative tool, which gives us an efficient way to maintain our building exteriors. It’s great having places by beautiful Hawaiian beaches but they require ongoing maintenance to keep everything in top shape. Having the right tools for the job is essential.”

Chris White and Theresa Casagram, Owners/Managers of Kauai Vacation Properties

Ed Speyer Painting

“At Speyer Painting, LLC we like trying out and using tools to make our work easier, more efficient, and most importantly, effective. We use the Nail Head Gone tool for many reasons.  Removing rusty nail heads leaving behind an easy-to-patch hole is faster and cleaner than the old method plus it has several uses. It’s especially useful in a humid, wet environment. Nail Head Gone really works!”

Edward Speyer, Owner of Speyer Painting, LLC

Claussen Painting Kauai

“As a third generation painting contractor company founded on quality prep, we were excited to give the nail head removal tool a try.  It works great and performed as advertised.  Very simple to use and it cut our prep time down, while making a cleaner job. I highly recommend this tool!”

Dennis Claussen, Claussen Painting Inc.

Rusty Nail Head Removal Drill Britt

Nail Head Gone Drill Bit $79.00

Stop painting rusty nail heads.  Get the ultimate tool for removing rusty nail heads and more!  Made in the USA.
Learn more about Nail Head Gone here.

  • High grade billet tool steel & solid carbide
  • Cuts between 160 to over 300 nail heads
  • Effective for nail sizes #6 #8 #10 #12 and #16
  • Versatile usage