About the Nail Head Gone Drill Bit

(U.S. Patent US 10,058,931 B2)


Nail heads on coastal and tropical home exteriors rust and show through the paint. Until now, there has been no easy way to fix these nail heads after they rust.  Homeowners spend hundreds of hours painting over rusty nail heads.  Some years ago, Hawaii resident Jay Sussman had an idea for a tool that would eliminate rust bleed permanently.  After several prototypes, the Nail Head Gone drill bit was developed and a small batch of pre-production prototypes were made and tested. They successfully removed hundreds of rusty nail heads with 100% user satisfaction.


Nail Head Gone is a U.S. Patented (US 10,058,931 B2) tool that permanently removes rusty nail heads and rust bleed from any wood surface. Made in the USA using state-of-the-art technology and top shelf materials (steel and solid carbide), the Nail Head Gone drill bit is a must-have tool for building contractors, painting contractors, DIYers, homeowners, repair professionals and realtors looking for an easy, low-cost solution to beautify homes.


Cost-effective in all phases of wood construction, Nail Head Gone eliminates rust bleed wherever it appears.

How To Use Nail Head Gone


  1. Use a good cordless or electric drill.
  2. Keep the Nail Head Gone drill bit at 90 degrees to the nail head.

  3. Hold the drill and apply pressure. Twist to start cutting into the wood and then slowly press the trigger.
  4. Start at very low RPMs so that the Nail Head Gone drill bit does not “run” and can seat into the wood around the nail head before the carbide cutter hits the nail head.

  5. Lube the tip of the Nail Head Gone drill bit often

  6. Clean debris (metal and wood shavings) from tip of the Nail Head Gone drill bit.
Rusty Nail Head Removal Drill Britt

Nail Head Gone Drill Bit $79.00

Stop painting rusty nail heads.  Get the ultimate tool for removing rusty nail heads and more!  Made in the USA.  Learn more about Nail Head Gone here.

  • High grade billet tool steel & solid carbide
  • Cuts between 160 to over 300 nail heads
  • Effective for nail sizes #6 #8 #10 #12 and #16
  • Versatile usage


Remove Rusty Nails

Use the Nail Head Gone drill bit to remove nail heads from:

  • Window trim
  • Siding
  • Facia
  • Pickets
  • Deckboards
  • Flooring

*Use a bar to pry off these items to reuse them after the work is completed.

Other Uses:

  • Window installation
  • Cable installation
  • Rot repair
  • Home remodeling

*Please see our FAQ page for more information about the Nail Head Gone drill bit.