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U.S. Patent US 10,058,931 B2

Building Industry Hawaii Magazine, May 2017

Jay Sussman, a resident of Hawaii where salty sea breeze proliferates the production of rust, was inspired to develop the Nail Head Gone tool after many unsuccessful attempts to deal with nails rusting through paint and putty only a year after being treated and repainted, and then removing the nails only to leave a time consuming scar on the siding, trim or other wood structures.


Nail Head Gone is a U.S. Patented (US 10,058,931 B2) tool that permanently removes rusty nail heads and rust bleed from any wood surface.  Made in the USA using state-of-the-art technology and top shelf materials (steel and solid carbide), the Nail Head Gone drill bit is for building contractors, painting contractors, DIYers, homeowners, repair professionals and realtors looking for an easy, low-cost solution to beautify homes.


Cost-effective in all phases of wood construction, Nail Head Gone eliminates rust bleed wherever it appears.


Say goodbye to rusty nail heads forever. Get Nail Head Gone.


Nail Head Gone Inventors

Jay Sussman

Jay Sussman, Inventor and Partner, Nail Head Gone

Jay was a building maintenance contractor for over 35 years specializing in both interiors and exteriors.  He retired in 2014 and has lived in Hawaii for 40 years with most of that time centered around family, work, and surf.

Tim Pembrook

Tim Pembrook, Partner, Nail Head Gone

Tim has helped build several patented devices and developed the first Nail Head Gone drill bit prototype, which is now patent-pending.

Bob Spencer, Fabricator

Bob Spencer, Manufacturer, SPENCO 

Bob took the Nail Head Gone prototype and manufactured the first Nail Head Gone drill bits. He continues to be the Nail Head Gone manufacturer, using state-of-the-art technology and top shelf materials.

Rusty Nail Head Removal Drill Britt

Nail Head Gone Drill Bit $79.00

Stop painting rusty nail heads.  Get the ultimate tool for removing rusty nail heads and more!  Made in the USA.

  • High grade billet tool steel & solid carbide
  • Cuts between 160 to over 300 nail heads
  • Effective for nail sizes #6 #8 #10 #12 and #16
  • Versatile usage